Sacred Sound Healing & Intuitive Movement Experience

"Our sound healing experiences incorporate 432HZ crystal singing bowls, gentle self produced meditation music, as well as live expressive vocal tones.

The meditative and relaxing sounds of the crystal bowls, coupled with these beautiful vocals provide a uniquely healing experience.
Guided movement meditation and intuitive free flow is also incorporated to enhance your healing experience."

About the Facilitators:

Sheikh & Jack come together in a unique partnership duo to bring a new sound and experience to sound healing & ecstatic dance ceremonies. Sheikh coming from a background in DJing blended with his years of experience teaching meditation, emotional intelligence and mystical arts - while Jack comes from close to a decade in music, sound healing, hip hop and shamanic ceremony. They join forces to bring a balanced art & cosmic sound based experience to bring transformation, awakening and love through a unique Live Production Performance

The language of sound and movement is universal, and has the ability to create powerful moments of connection, expression, heightened awareness & wellness. We provide this container for you to not only receive a carefully cultivated expression of this creative energy, but to explore and express it as you wish.

A few benefits of utilizing sound & movement:

- Emotional resolution, healing and clarity
- Relaxation of the physical body
- Calming of the Mind
- Spiritual connectedness, Inner Peace
- Empowerment & Embodiment



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