Mindful Eating Workshop with Ailey Jolie

Wednesday,  November 6th at 7 PM   $45.00

Practicing mindfulness has a positive impact on health and the potential for even greater impact when applied to our relationship with food. This two and half hour workshop will be facilitated from the philosophy that our relationship with food mirrors the relationship we have with ourselves - first. Together we will use self-compassion, acceptance and curiosity to explore how the practice of mindfulness translates into greater awareness around thoughts in the mind and what we munch on.

In our time together we will investigate…

• How food affects both body and mind from an interpersonal neurobiology informed perspective
• How to identifying hunger and fullness
• How to listen to your inner wisdom and tune in with a body-mind connection
• How to to develop a more compassionate attitude toward your body and your food habits
• How the concept of cravings, emotions, and stress relate to eating from a somatic psychology perspective
You won't find any dieting tips, nutritional advice or meal plans during this workshop but instead will be presented with the tools needed to cultivate more presence in your body to discern how to nourish. Remember: you are the only person who lives in your body, therefore you (and only you are) truly know what you need to feel whole and full.

This workshop will include discussions, mindfulness and munching. All participants will receive a booklet.
This workshop is based on Intuitive Eating an evidence based practice.



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