Moving with Vitality
August 23 (Friday) at 9:30 am

Lisa Paterson
Class length
1 hour
This class is all about creating a fun rapport with your body. Enjoy the natural mobility and movement it can already do, and expand it's potential. This class is filled with creative movement with a variety of props ranging from balls of all sizes, bamboo poles to feathers and bean bags. We will work at times alone, in partners or in circles in a safe and inclusive environment.

While this class encourages strong effort, it de-emphasizes competition. 

Expect to challenge your brain while moving in all sorts of ways.

This class weaves together Fighting Monkey, Exuberant Animal, Animal Flow, Restorative Yoga, Restore Human, Wild Fitness, Yoga Therapy, and MovNat and of course....the spirit of play and joy is a the centre of all we do!

Moving with Vitality is suitable for all bodies of all levels, ages and stages in life. 

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You must sign-in to book a spot in this class.

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