Dynamic Walkers
May 16 (Thursday) at 6:45 am

Julie Beaulac or Janet Nicol
Class length
1 hour
Join Janet and/or Julie for a weekly early morning Dynamic Walk using our whole bodies and minds to explore the urban landscape at an active pace! 

“Walking is a superfood. It’s the defining movement of a human" 
-Katy Bowman, biomechanist

Please sign up before each class (class may be cancelled if severe rain/storm, so check mettamoves.ca at 6:15 am if uncertain)

Our Focus will be on increasing strength to sustain longer walks, improving mobility, and refining our overall walking techniques. We will incorporate a balance of dynamic stretching, opportunities to connect with others, and also time to move together in silence. Walking is not only a great form of exercise and stress reduction, it is also a great way to boost your mood, share and reflect on ideas, get to know the neighbourhood while receiving the benefits of spending time outdoors with others. 

  • Metta community pass members using a class pass
  • Participants with a mid-high level of fitness and feel comfortable on a variety of terrain like slippery or bumpy side sidewalks, gravel, hills, puddles or dirt and are happy to jump on a bench or climb over a tree stump if needed. 
  • Children/babies in Strollers are welcome as long as able to keep up with the fast pace
  • Dogs are welcome as long as leashed and well behaved (no jumping up on or tripping other walkers)

This walk will increase in distance and pace each week (starting at 5 k) with a goal of a long long walk of the Camino together in the Spring of 2020. Each session will include a few minutes of stretching at the studio. 

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