Winter Warrior Training
January 19 (Saturday) at 2:00 pm

Devin Johnstone
Class length
2 hours
Ready for a unique group experience to kindle your fire in January cold? In the spirit of cooperation, test your mind and body with us using natural movement principles.

We start with a short run around the neighbourhood (bring your runners), a session of Wim Hof inspired deep breathing and outdoor (cold exposure) moving meditation and then a series of intense partner and group games. The training ends with a stretching and centering breath.

Be prepared for:

A chance to embrace a little winter freshness
Too many push-ups
Spontaneous smiles
An unreasonable amount of crawling (quadrupedal movement)
Building inner and outer strength

Not sure if you are up to the challenge? We enter the experience as a team supporting one another. We start together and finish together. What's important is the energy and spirit you bring to the group. Everyone is welcome, and alternate challenges will be given for those who are struggling.

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